HD1 Handpan

Harmonic Art Handpan - D, A, A#, C, D, F, G, A

MEINL Sonic Energy Harmonic Art Handpan instruments are hand made one at a time using top grade german steel. This material has been chosen for both its ability to be worked by hand and its strength to hold the tunings. These instruments are built to last a lifetime. The Harmonic Art Handpan produces clear and pure notes when struck by the hand. The tone is pleasing, soothing, and relaxing and can be used in a variety of settings both for performance and therapy. Each one is tuned with seven notes allowing the player to work within a musical scale both as a solo instrumentalist and with a group.

21 1/2" diameter
10" height

High quality steel

- handcrafted masterpiece
- clear and pure soft sound with long sustain
- harmonic and balanced connection

D, A, A#, C, D, F, G, A

Protection cover:
- Made out of durable light steel
- Protects the playing surface against impacts, shocks or scratches

- Made out of heavy duty nylon bag
- Synthetic fur inside for extra protections
- Padded backpack straps and grip for comfortable transportation

CHF 2 990.00

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